Raspberry Ketone Scam: An Inside Look

by raspberryketonescam on March 2, 2012

Isn’t it staggering, about how many actual scams there seem to be found on the Internet?  Especially in the “diet supplement” industry, the web seems to be teeming with products that simply exist for the express purpose of fleecing the public.  So, it would only seem logical that there would be a general skepticism against certain products that have arisen within the past two years.  So, if you are trying to find out about the raspberry ketone scam, then you’ve come to the right place, because we are here to investigate the scientific backing and the user reviews regarding this new product.  It is always important to remain a skeptic, but also always keep an open mind.

The Backing Facts

The presupposition about the raspberry ketone scam is based around the fact that many “supplemental natural products” are of the ineffective, and even downright dishonest, nature.  The years have told us that this has turned out to be a fair assessment, but can that same judgment be applied to new raspberry ketone diets?

Well, how these raspberry ketone diets work is that they supposedly naturally raise your core temperature by increasing metabolism.

How they do this is that the molecular structure of raspberry ketones are similar to that of the capsaicin found in chili peppers.  In fact, capsaicin has been used in effective weight loss supplements for quite a few years.  Basically, what raspberry ketone diets do is that they provide the same basic results without the drawbacks of capsaicin.

One of the major drawbacks that reviewers could not stand about the chili pepper extracts were that they were spicy and that they gave very uncomfortable acid reflux.  The heat and acidity from the extract supplements affected the user’s stomach.

The difference here is that raspberry ketones do not have the taste and acidic properties, but still maintain the effect of increasing core temperature and metabolism.  From the scientific end, it would appear that the allegations of their being a raspberry ketone scam are rather unfounded.

Other Reviewer’s Experiences

Overall, it would seem as if the raspberry ketone scam does not exist, for the simple fact that there is a sheer army of people who have reported fantastic results with no side effect symptoms.  There is always a balance in the world of pills and supplements: it is important to find the giving point between the disease being worse than the cure (or visa versa).

As for the raspberry ketone diet, there are plenty of positive effects and a complete lack of the negative.  This makes the raspberry ketone scam nothing more than a farce, as it is beginning to stand out as one of the most effective weight loss supplements on the market.

For those who are still curious about taking raspberry ketone supplements for weight loss, all you need to do is spend roughly $20 on a bottle of about 180 pills.  From most brands, this should last you about one month.


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